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Dispose of your tires today!

Tire disposal just got easier

When you need to dispose of old tires, it can be a challenging situation. You do want to follow all of California's tire disposal regulations, and you don't want to harm the environment. Luckily there is now a simple solution: call J.R. Roadside Service.

Compliance the easy way

  • Comply with all California tire disposal regulations

  • Choose the environmentally friendly tire disposal

  • Get FREE disposal with new tire purchase

  • Have your old tires repaired

  • Call us for 24-hour roadside assistance

We're just a phone call away

Get help

24-hour roadside assistance

Do you need help right away? Call J.R. Roadside Service for 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. From tire repairs to jump starts, we can help!

Get FREE tire disposal when you buy new or used tires from us.

Do you have tire disposal questions? Call us now!

No matter if you need tire repairs for your car, or you need to buy new or used tires for your commercial or agricultural vehicle, J.R. Roadside Service can help.